If you do, you will likely end up with some drawings, some words, and a vague idea of what a building might cost.  You will not, however, end up with a building – unless you hire a builder.  In this outdated, dysfunctional scenario you will typically have a builder pulling in one direction, an architect pulling in another, and you caught in the middle.

Or you can update to Architects|Build

Architects|Build is our term for an all-inclusive process where all parties – architects, engineers, builders, trades, etc. – are all pulling in the same direction; the same direction, coincidentally, that you, the owner and client, want to go.  Imagine a design and construction project without friction.  Imagine one governed by competence where the architect is fully informed about construction costs and efficiency, and the builder cares greatly about design and beauty.  Imagine a project where self interest is replaced with all parties stirving towards the same goals and objectives.  A project where finger pointing is replaced with across the board accountability and teamwork.

With such a system, how much money can be saved?  With such a system, how good and how green can we make the buildings?  With such a system, how much stress can be avoided?

This is what we do.

We’re pretty sure you’ll like it.

We recommend that you not hire an architect.  Rather, we recommend that you experience Architects|Build.

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