usWe are sincere, creative, good-hearted people who seek out opportunities for doing inspired work with inspired people. We recognize places in our culture that are disconnected or unsustainable, and we respond by creating connections and initiating durable solutions. “Connected” is another word for “Green”. The connections we play with most are:


  • Design, construction, art, and the environment
  • The built environment and community
  • Work, satisfaction, and celebration
  • Communication, compassion, and clarity
  • Energy expended versus energy gained
  • Means, expectations, and accountability
  • Food and shelter – sustainable building and sustainable agriculture


After many years we realize that, while we look like we’re building buildings, we are actually in the business of building relationships, community, and sustainable selves. We design and build excellent buildings because we like the people we become and the relationships we build in the process. Making architecture is a great privilege and we are honored by those who give us the opportunity to do it.