Sustainable Design Architects

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Design Architects

We’ve been known to say that buildings and products cannot be sustainable, only people can. We find this to be a helpful reminder that sustainability is not something that can be bought or installed in a building. Ultimately it’s an awareness shift away from isolation and consumption toward connections and well-being. We don’t take sustainability lightly, nor do we think it’s a shift that’s going to happen quickly. As sustainable design architects we are continually exploring how to make further connections.


We’ve learned a few things about this:

  • When people have rewarding experiences, they feel connected to life which fosters sustainable behaviors.
  • Fairness, competence, inspiration, and fun in a design and construction project facilitate rewarding experiences.
  • Sustainable design architects who are committed to these practices can have a significant impact on people’s lives.
  • The more connections, the less conflict.  This is why as sustainable design architects we’ve created Architect-Build, our process that fully integrates design and construction in an architect led framework.
  • Aesthetics, design, and careful craft foster well-being which is directly on the path to sustainability.
  • Financial stewardship – i.e., staying on budget – reduces a client’s stress, therefore promoting their well-being.


We are sustainable design architects (and builders) working to enhance the well-being and sustainability of our clients and ourselves.  It’s a terrific journey and one that we invite you to join us on.  Whether it’s a home, a remodel, an office, apartment, or educational building, the same principles apply.  From the start we’ll be acting as sustainable design architects to co-create with you both an experience and a physical project that will put smiles on people’s faces.


At Ken Gaylord Architects, we are sustainable design architects that incorporate “green” conservation technologies whenever we can. By focusing on indoor air-quality and comfort, along with reduced energy consumption, we are enhancing the human experience while reducing environmental impact.  Our architect-build process typically reduces project time by months over the traditional design-bid-build process.  This naturally saves money.  ( )


Working with Us as Sustainable Design Architects, Here’s What You Can Expect

  • To be listened to carefully and thoroughly
  • To be engaged as more than a client, but also as a human being
  • To have a seat at the conference table when we are discussing design
  • To have your questions, ideas, and concerns promptly and respectfully addressed
  • To be given timely and transparent information about cost as best we can determine it at various stages of the project
  • That we keep our word
  • That we take responsibility for our mistakes on the infrequent occasion that they occur
  • You will get our best design effort including the work we do as sustainable design architects
  • Both the design and the construction will be performed to a high professional standard and fully integrated with each other
  • There will never be disharmony or a tug of war between the sustainable design architects and the construction professionals
  • The process will be creative and fun, and the finished project will be intelligent, attractive, and perform to high standards
  • Your building will endure and your energy bills will be low


We’ve Been Your Sustainable Design Architects For 18 years


We’ve been the go-to sustainable design architects in North Carolina before the word “sustainable” became trendy. We have branched out to serve communities in South Carolina, and Tennessee as well.  We’d like to hear about your ideas for a project. Drop us a line. ( )