Prototype House


We have an ambitious idea: that individuals or small families on a budget don’t have to settle for cheap housing.


The mantra of the cheap (and not so cheap) housing providers for the last forty years has been: “Our price per square foot is lower than the next guys.”  This house by the pound approach has worked for some and it has made a lot of builder/developers rich.


For those in tune with their surroundings – their neighborhood, their garden, their porch, their kitchen cabinets, and their door hardware – it has not worked out so great.  After all, most of these things have a serviceable lifespan of eight years or less.  And the house itself . . . well there’s not much to love about most subdivision housing.


After decades of experience designing and building fine custom houses for people, one at a time, we got to thinking:  What if we took that idea of honest materials, well crafted, with impeccable design, and applied it to a small prefabricated house? A kind of “tapas” approach to housing if you will – small plates scaled to people who want to live well, not large.


What if we took it a step further and constructed micro-neighborhoods in very desirable urban settings.  You know, the kind of place where you can be at your favorite pub or cafe in five minutes.


We don’t want to be in the kit-of-parts business.  We want to hand people the keys, with basil and oregano growing in the herb garden, a glass of merlot on the counter, in a house where you can’t think of a thing you would change about it.


Enter the Prototype House.