howWe design and build all types and sizes of building projects. We specialize in projects that emphasize design originality- and a commitment to durable craft. We value environmental stewardship and clients who desire collaboration, communication, trust, and fair-dealing; clients motivated by social, environmental, or artistic project goals.  Unlike most “design-build” arrangements where the contractor hires a designer to work for him (or vice-versa), we actually are the designers and the builders and integrate these two essential functions into one process. This approach allows our clients to [1] cut significant time from the traditional design–bid–build (divided) process, [2] have highly accurate and timely cost information based on the evolving design and construction program, [3] have an architect led project ensuring that the standards and design intent are executed at the highest levels, [4] have single source accountability for all aspects of the project, and [5] experience constant communication between design, performance, budget, schedule, and themselves.