Green Building Architects

What Exactly are/is a Green Building Architects?

Good question. “Green building,” like many other labels, has been co-opted by the marketing industry. As green building architects we are constantly exploring the ideas of low impact.  A definition that works for us is: working to gain more human connection and satisfaction while simultaneously reducing our impact on natural systems.


What to Look for when Hiring Green Building Architects

  • An expansive definition of Green Building that goes beyond certain types of insulation and solar panels to include siting, aesthetics, and design and construction processes.
  • An in depth understanding of construction detailing that can specify materials and systems that are both cost and performance effective.
  • Enough knowledge of construction estimating to hit a budget
  • A track record of excellent buildings and happy clients. By our measure it is not Green Building if it leaves a trail of stressed and dissatisfied clients.
  • Experience with daylighting, heating/cooling systems, and other factors that affect the energy consumption of the building.
  • LEED accreditation


Ken Gaylord Architects/BlackHawk Construction is a custom home builder in NC that has also been a leader among green building architects since 1990.


Green Building Architects and Sustainability

Two buzzwords in one phrase . . . now that’s a lot to swallow. We’ll be chewing on the word “Sustainability” for some time before we know much about what it actually means. We suspect that our grandparents knew more about this than we do and their grandparents more than them. It points at living simply, with a small footprint.  We also like to think that it points at living joyfully with an eye for beauty. Green building architects who are worth their salt know a little bit about this. Their clients can verify whether they succeeded in pulling it off.


The Hart Residence ( ) in Hendersonville, NC is an example of the eco friendly homes designed and built by the green building architects at Ken Gaylord Architecture. Floating above the steep mountain slope, it preserves the natural landscape while granting its inhabitants distant views of the Blue Ridge. Built with Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) walls, the house enjoys  superior thermal and acoustic performance, and will not burn.


Green Building Architects and the Architect-Build Approach


The best way we have found to be green building architects is to integrate design and construction into what we call Architect-Build. By eliminating the normal chasm between the architect and builder, we are able to achieve many efficiencies that translate to greater resources allocated to green features.  Clients looking for green building architects will also enjoy a significant reduction in the stress and conflict of building by working with one professional team under Ken Gaylord Architects.


When architects have a deep understanding of construction and builders have a deep understanding of design, exceptional results are achieved.  This is accomplished with our unique Architect-Build approach.  ( )


Ken Gaylord: Green Building Architects

Connect ( ) with us to see how our green building architects join the design and construction processes into a seamless service while maximizing conservation features and making green building fun and rewarding..


Ken Gaylord Architects is a firm of green building architects in Western North Carolina. We have been building distinguished buildings in and around Asheville, Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Black Mountain, Waynesville, Highlands, Cashiers, Brevard, Lake Toxaway, Spartanburg SC, and Greenville, SC since 1995.