Design Build Architect

What is a Design Build Architect?


Typically a design build architect works with a general contractor who directs the project with cost (and profit) in mind.  The design build architect hopes to get some design features in the project, but the general contractor makes the final determination of what’s in and what’s out.  Design features are way down the list of what’s important to a general contractor – after profit, schedule, ease of construction, etc.  As a design build architecture firm we have reinvented this dynamic to put design (and the designer) at the front of the bus.  We call this Architect-Build.

When you work with us as a design build architect, you’re working with a team

( ) that cares deeply about creating exceptional relationships while we’re creating exception buildings.  Just as we integrate the design with the construction, we also integrate the vision and desires of the client into every aspect of the building. Our design build approach, Architect-Build,  eliminates the barriers to highly functional communication, and ensures that the input of all parties (especially the client) are incorporated into the finished product.


When people walk through our buildings, they are typically impressed with the thoughtfulness of the design and the quality of the execution. When you work with a design build architect like Ken Gaylord, you can expect the same results.

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Why Work with a Design Build Architect

Work with a design build architect doing Architect-Build and you can expect to have your own personal team ( ) of passionate, skilled, artistic, and technically-savvy architects, engineers, and building professionals guiding you-the owner and client-to achieve and exceed your goals.


The pitfalls of hiring a separate architect and builder are becoming more apparent with each passing year. With a design build architect, you’ve got everyone pulling in the same direction towards the same end goal. With the design build architect framework, the architect is informed about construction methods, costs, and efficiency. When the builders participate in the design process and the architect participates in the construction process, mistakes are avoided, the process is streamlined, and maximum intelligence goes into the building systems.


It’s teamwork at its simplest and most sophisticated level.

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Your Design Build Architect Collaboration

Pull up a chair. We want your ideas at the table. When you work with a design build architect like Ken Gaylord, you will be part of our team.  During design and also during construction, your voice will be constantly sought out to guide the direction of the project and to ensure that we are hitting the targets.

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Your goals, our team, one shared vision, and flawless execution.


Simply put, that’s how a design build architect relationship works. It’s not just about building excellent buildings, it’s about building lasting relationships, and creating rewarding experiences for all parties involved.



The Design Build Architect Experience

Working in close collaboration with our clients and close-knit team is how our design build architect firm created the Jackson residence

( ), one of our smallest, yet most finely detailed houses. We worked with the young couple on their goal of seeking refinement rather than size in their 1200 square foot modern house that overlooks the beginnings of an organic farm. To this end, every square foot of living space, both inside and out, was maximized to provide the highest level of aesthetic living.


We were guided by the same design build architect principles to create the Hart residence ( ), a home for a creative New York City client and his accomplished artist wife, replete with floating steel and a concrete floor structure, aerated autoclaved (AAC) walls, and a rooftop patio with 50-mile views.


We use the same collaborative design build architect approach for all of our clients, from homes to commercial and institutional building projects. Biz 611

( ), is a new 10,000 square foot building in Hendersonville, NC, that functions as incubator space for green or software oriented businesses. The eco-friendly design incorporates numerous conservation technologies including rainwater harvesting for irrigation and flushing, photovoltaic awning, a living edible landscape wall, and reused or recycled construction materials.


To discuss our design build architect approach to your project drop us a line.

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