Custom Home Builders in NC

Custom Home Builders in NC: What is the Architect-Build Approach?

Considering building a new home? There are so many different options that searching for custom home builders in North Carolina can be overwhelming. If you want design and inspiration integrated with functionality and durability, consider looking for custom home builders in NC that utilize the architect-build model. This is a novel approach that unites designers and builders into a single team.


Ken Gaylord Architects and BlackHawk Construction is a singular Architect-Build team working as custom home builders in NC. We work together to create inspired homes that exceed client expectations. And we do it on time and budget. Everyone has heard horror stories of building a house. As a custom home builder in North Carolina we concern ourselves as much with the client experience as we do the physical building. Working with Ken Gaylord Architects/BlackHawk Construction, you can expect to have a rewarding experience as well as getting a great house.


What are the Advantages Offered by Architect-Build Custom Home Builders in NC?

Construction companies and design-build firms often advertise themselves as custom home builders in NC. You should be aware that such firms are typically contractor driven and relegate design to the back of the bus.  In our Architect-Build approach, design sits at the front of the bus and is fully integrated with construction. This enhances building design while avoiding mistakes, and saving cost.


Ken Gaylord Architects/BlackHawk Construction developed the Architect-Build model to better serve discerning clients in need of quality custom home builders in NC. By putting the architect at the front of the bus, we raised the professional standards of design, execution, and service to the client.


The benefits of using architect integrated custom home builders in NC include:


  • Faster completion times through integration of design and construction.
  • Accurate estimation of costs and timeline. Other custom home builders in NC envy our record of completing projects on time and budget.


Green Custom Home Builders in NC

Do you want to use non-toxic materials in the construction of your home? Improve your indoor air quality? Increase the energy efficiency of your new home to optimal levels? There are many green custom home builders in NC, but few have the depth of experience with design, conservation technologies, and outstanding customer service offered by Ken Gaylord Architects/BlackHawk Construction.


Ken Gaylord Architects/BlackHawk Construction is a leader among green custom home builders in NC. Ken Gaylord is LEED accredited, as well as a member of the US Green Building Council. Environmental stewardship and sustainability have been core concepts of the firm for two decades.


Ken Gaylord Architects/BlackHawk Construction Custom Home Builders in NC

Ken Gaylord Architects and Black Hawk Construction are custom home builders in NC that value a partnership approach to designing and building. We partner with our clients by providing a transparent view of both the design and construction estimating. This empowers clients to express preferences that are in line with their needs and budget.  Among custom home builders, transparent partnering is a rare thing to find.


Our custom home builder’s service is offered in NC, SC or TN (including the cities of Asheville, Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Black Mountain, Waynesville, Highlands, Cashiers, Brevard, Lake Toxaway, Spartanburg, and Greenville, SC). Contact

( ) us to see how much of a difference the Architect-Build model can make.