The installation of Lumos LSX solar modules on the Biz 611 building in Hendersonville, North Carolina, was installed by FLS Energy,  and designed and specified by Ken Gaylord Architects/Blackhawk Construction. The multi-use office building is partially constructed from the brick and wood of the building that was torn down on the site of Biz 611.

Besides the obvious photogenic quality of this application of the LSX technology, this installation succeeds at precisely the original goal for which Lumos invented the “LSX Module System” in the first place:  to bridge the worlds of function and design.

Project Spotlight Specs:


(40) LSX 250 clear backsheet modules
Custom support structurecommercial_solar_awning_with_LSXThe above photo shows part of the Lumos LSX array on the left side of building, and the “living wall” or vertical garden on the right side. At Lumos Solar we’re extremely proud to be partnering with solar companies like FLS Energy and architects like Ken Gaylord who are changing the way the world looks at solar energy.


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