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Advice for Your Asheville Architect Search

Looking for an Asheville architect? This may seem like strange advice coming from an architecture firm, but we recommend that you not hire an architect. Most conventional architects will produce design drawings, a very rough estimate of what the building might cost, and make a polite nod toward the exit. They will not, however, produce a building.  You will need a contractor for that.  When you have a separate Asheville architect and contractor you are likely to initiate an age-old conflict between the artist and the mechanic.


So what’s the alternative to hiring an architect? We’ve spent the last 18 years figuring that out.  Architect-Build is our solution.  We coined that term to identify a seamless process where the architect becomes intimate with the methods and the cost of construction, and then leads an integrated design and construction team.  The result is buildings that excel in aesthetics, performance, and energy conservation with happy clients that have not had to endure conflict or cost overruns.


Ken Gaylord Architects is an Asheville architecture firm and BlackHawk Construction is an Asheville contracting firm, lead by architect, Ken Gaylord.  Two companies, one organization that has developed an Architect-Build model ( – a refreshing approach that integrates design and construction.


Asheville Architect Build Model vs. the Conventional Model

Our Architect-Build approach differentiates from the conventional approach in a fundamental way: it is based on a presumption of competence and cooperation rather than incompetence and conflict.


In the conventional bid approach, an Asheville architect tries to protect his/her client from a “bad” contractor.  This requires a bloated set of drawings and specifications. When the subcontractors get a hold of these documents, the impact on their pricing is significant.  Contrast this with an Asheville architect sitting down with building specialists in a spirit of mutual cooperation.  Without the fear of conflict, the cost of subcontractor work goes down while the quality goes up.


Another differentiation with our Architect-Build approach: single source accountability. When a problem arises in the conventional process, the Asheville architect and contractor typically blame each other, leaving the owner caught in the middle.  In our process there is no blame, only solutions efficiently resolved.


Finally, there are the values (aesthetic, social, environmental, etc.) reflected in an Asheville architects design. In the conventional approach, those values are commonly gutted to pay for the cost of conflict. In our Architect-Build approach, the design values find fruition in the completed project because cooperation preserves precious resources for things that matter.


In summary, the Asheville based Architect-Build model prevents conflict while streamlining the design and construction process. Common results ( include:


  • Reduced cost
  • Shorter timelines
  • Single source accountability
  • Higher quality design and construction
  • More green-building
  • Higher client satisfaction



A Relationship Focused Asheville Architect

Asheville architect, Ken Gaylord, recognizes that relationship is the most important component of a successful project. ( Good listening is perhaps the rarest of practices. We approach careful listening as an art form.  This is the key to good architecture and satisfied clients.


Since 1995 ( Asheville Architect Ken Gaylord, in seamless collaboration with his Asheville building firm, BlackHawk Construction, has been building strong partnerships that have resulted in the design and execution of a wide range of works of architecture including custom homes, retail and office buildings, schools, restaurants, gymnasium/auditorium, historic rehab, emergency services, and university facilities.


An Asheville Architect Who Puts the Art in Architecture

Asheville architect, Ken Gaylord, places emphasis on the art of architecture.  In a time when quick, careless, and disposable have become the norm in the built environment, this Asheville architect is focused on careful execution of even the smallest details.


While Asheville and Hendersonville are at the center of our Asheville architecture firm, we frequently design and build in the surrounding areas of Western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee including: Flat Rock, Lake Summit Black Mountain, Boone, Blowing Rock, Gastonia, Charlotte, Waynesville, Highlands, Cashiers, Brevard, Lake Toxaway, Tryon, Spartanburg , Anderson, Greenville, SC, and Johnson City, TN.